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Upcoming Initiatives 

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to utilize a blend of innovation and creativity to ensure that minority youth gain the skills, experiences, and support needed to transform their wildest aspirations into tangible realities.

Wosilat Foundation Scholarship

"What is a Pathfinder ?" Program

"Forge" Program

 Initiatives and Programs

"What is a Pathfinder ?" Initiative

Our Definition: Individual's who have blazed their own trail and found success in unexpected ways.

Timeline: TBD

Our Plan: Every Month recognize and highlight 2 individuals who have taken unique paths to success and who have inspired or influenced others in various fields. This could include artists, entrepreneurs, writers, thinkers, and builders who are working individually in pursuit of excellence. It's important to recognize that success and excellence can be achieved in many different fields and that individuals who are not necessarily lawyers, doctors, or engineers can still be trailblazers and inspire others. Wosilat Foundation is working to recognize and celebrate these individuals and the important contributions they have made.

Wosilat Foundation Scholarship

Target Amount: (TBD)

Our Plan: The scholarship this year will be explicitly for Wake County high school seniors attending an accredited HBCU fall 2024 and pursing a bachelors degree in computer science.

Future scholarships will include grants to covering different paths and for various uses (projects, trainings or certifications, and tuition)



Background: The world needs artists to create higher cultures; writers to craft better narratives; thinkers to forge new paradigms; and builders to materialize abstract ideas.


Our Plan: The forge program emphasis the importance of creativity, relationships and making an impact through the ideas we bring to life. Through pitch competitions, hackathons, art showcases, film festivals Wosilat is dedicated spreading the spirit of innovation and creativity within our community. Incredibly excited to see the jaw-dropping projects and innovations that Our community has in store!

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